History of the Recreated IR 75 

  The recreated Infantry Regiment 75 was born in the spring of 2011  over pizza and beer in a West Fargo, ND bar. Two former WW1 reenactors, Tad Salyards and Marc Baetsch, got together and decided that with the centennial of WW1 quickly approaching, now would be a good time to get back into the hobby. They decided that rather than join an established unit, they would start their own. The unit would be based on strict authenticity standards but with a minimum amount of politics and a maximum amount of fun. There was also a lack of WW1 German units in the upper midwest. The hope was that the unit would appeal to like-minded individuals that were unable to join other units due to geographical reasons. 

   IR 75's first event was a tactical event in Iowa held in October of 2011. The two members in attendance (Marc Baetsch and Mike Hartsoch) enjoyed sleeping on the frigid ground surrounded by howling coyotes, and the doughboys they fought were very complimentary on their authenticity and attitude. From there, membership has been steadily growing, and IR 75 has made it's presence known at several events. Each time we are met with compliments from other units in regards to our authenticity, attitude, sense of humor and lack of ego. We are small but we are good, and we intend to keep it that way. If you are looking for an authentic WW1 German reenacting experience, minus politics and egos, please consider joining us. A good sense of humor is mandatory.   

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