IR 75 Code of Conduct

The following information details the expectations of members of IR 75 both at events and with their online behavior, including the use of social media. All members of IR 75 should handle themselves with the highest standards of civility and empathy, and should use fact-based, constructive conversation when discussing matters of authenticity.

Event Code of Conduct

• Conversation should be limited to period themes and concerns, either in German or English, during core event hours and when in the presence of the public and spectators
• The use of foul, threatening, or derogatory language is prohibited in the presence of the public and spectators
• Members should refrain from speaking ill of other units or individuals due to differing behavior or authenticity standards; if gross authenticity (or safety) violations are affecting your enjoyment of the event, lodge a complaint with your nearest NCO who will handle the matter with event leadership
• Members are expected to remain with the unit (within voice range) and under the command of their respective NCO or squad leader during core event hours; leaving the unit is not permitted without first receiving a pass from an NCO or squad leader

Online Code of Conduct

• When engaging in debates concerning material culture or other aspects of authenticity, members should limit their comments to data, logic, and facts to bolster their case, not hearsay or personal attacks
• Members are expected to “rise above” trolling attempts, even if they are directly insulted; do not throw wood on the fire for internet trolls; walk away, log-off and take the high ground
• Please limit vendor feedback to facts and verifiable events; character assassination and name calling are never allowed
• The unit will not allow internet trolls and those who engage in personal insults to remain in good standing

Any violations of the above guidelines may result in a warning or immediate expulsion from IR 75 depending on the severity of the offense.

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