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About Us

Home of the recreated Infanterie Regiment 75 "Bremen." Our members reside in the Midwestern part of the USA from the States of North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri and Iowa. We are an authentically-minded group of WW1 enthusiasts who portray the common German Landser in late 1918. 

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PLEASE NOTE- As of November 2016, we are not accepting new members for the foreseeable future, due to a large and unexpected influx of new recruits. However, we will be happy to assist you with reenactor related questions or in finding another unit.   

Our Standards

The members of IR 75 strive to create the most authentic WW1 experience possible. Our uniform and equipment standards are high. The attitude of “this is good enough” is not acceptable in our unit and is unfair to those of us who have invested considerable time and money in getting our impressions right. We do not require you to purchase from specific vendors, what we require is that the item be correct.. Since we are doing a late 1918 impression the use of late-war and ersatz items is encouraged.

DISCLAIMERS- This unit is not affiliated with nor does it sympathize with any political group.

   Being in IR 75 is not cheap! An initial outlay of costs to include uniform and rifle can run upward of $1500.  Although we try to keep "loaner" gear and rifles on hand, you will be expected to eventually purchase your own kit 

   IR 75 is not for everyone. If you have an aversion to being cold, hot, tired, sweaty, muddy, sore, scratched up or to marching, filling sandbags and freezing at night, this unit is not for you. For liability purposes you must be over the age of 18 unless you have signed parental consent. We are a physically active unit and members need to be in reasonably good health.   


UPCOMING EVENTS- see the Upcoming Events page for more details

Murphy's Landing, Shakopee, MN    October 2017


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