This is a list of vendors that have been approved by IR 75. Keep checking back as we will update it as we find more.

Voenspec Militaria- - High quality uniforms and boots 

Landser Militaria - - Top of the line feldmutz caps

Steve Fisher - - Cloth items like breadbags, he also sells and propery fills out and stamps soldbuchs

Leder Arsenal -  - top of the line jackboots and ankle boots, company is in Germany, very expensive but superb quality

 Lost Battalions - - For the best uniforms around

Great War Militaria - - helmet covers, trousers, boots , buttons and misc. items

Schuster Militaria - - high quality uniforms, boots, equipment, at a very good price, in Belorus- our preferred choice of uniforms

 Hessen Militaria - - overcoats, equipment & shoulderboards also our Bremen cockades (they are the same as the Hessian ones)

Man The LIne - - breadbags, ankle boots, ammo pouches, bayonet frogs, gas mask cans, slings

What Price Glory - - Although they sell mainly British items,this is our source for captured British ammunition boots (get the ones with hobnails, and without toe caps)

Alexander & Sons - Helmets, parts & restoration

German Helmets, Inc. - - Helmet parts and professionally restored helmets

Prairie Flower Leather -  - Helmet liners & watch bands

Continental Militaria - Helmet liners & equipment hardware

Darcy Clothing - - high quality period civilian shirts, undershirts, socks, suspenders, etc

Dutchie's Militaria - - fork/spoons, solbuchs, toothbrushes and misc little items

Bunker Militaria - - Random German Militaria

Liberty Tree Collectibles - Original Mauser parts and the occasional GEW-98 for sale, also Turkish ammo pouches

Atlantic Wall - - Blank ammunition

Reprorations - - A good source of authentically wrapped and edible food.

German Gun Manuals - - MG-08 manuals,

Mike's Militaria- -  reenactor owned- ammo pouches, puttees, repro pickelhaubes

Corps Sutler- Ankle boots

There is a really good WW1 reenactors discussion board at   They have a flea-market section where you can buy and sell used items.






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