To us, reenacting is a lot more than just "pulling the trigger".  IR 75 strives for it's members to immerse themselves in the total living history experience. A big part of this is developing a persona. Basically, this is involves creating an alter ego that lives in 1918. You can have a lot of fun with a persona and it can be as original and creative as you are. 

    To start, give yourself a German name. If you don't want to "Germanize" your own name, check a phone book or other reference books. Remember, you are a line infantryman so it's highly improbable that you would have a "Von" in your last name. Give yourself a date of birth that would put you in the Army in WW1. Next comes a hometown. It doesn't have to be Bremen but remember that regiments tended to be raised locally, so use a map of Germany to try and find a place fairly close to Bremen. If you are listing your hometown as Berlin or Munich, for example, you'll need a back story as to why you are with us and not a local unit from that city.  Find a civilian occupation, and remember you would most likely be working class. IR 75's hometown of Bremen was a huge shipping port, so anything related to shipping or dockwork (sailor, stoker, longshoreman, riveter, metal planer) would all be good. Also standard "working man's" jobs- shopkeeper, butcher, student, mason, painter, glazier, carpenter, farmer, fisherman, railroad worker, bartender, waiter,  you get the idea. Take some time to find out a little about your  job so you can discuss it when we do living history. 

      Now it's time to fill in the small details. Come up with a life story. Get a repro soldbuch and dog tag and have them filled out with your persona's info. Stuff your pockets and pack with little things from home- a family photo, a letter from home, etc. It's the little details that really round out  your persona.  Although it is impossible to stay in character 100% of the time, try to be in character when dealing with the public (like at the Rockford event). When conversing, remember that soldiers at the front tend to have a very limited view of the big picture, They don't normally talk about strategies and generals. They reminisce about home and above all, they complain! 

    Your persona is an unique as you are. Have fun with it and if you need help, be sure and ask. Other members will be happy to assist you.  

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